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After several years off breeding top pigeons for the afternoon races, the time has come to shift the focus to the highest level possible for the long distance race`s, namely Z.L.U. with the main purpose to breed for the Barcelona race`s.


With the purcase of children from the International Barcelona winners of the breeding loft and strongest player in the Netherlands, namely the Family Batenburg van de Merwe, we think we have made a good start.


Among others, have been purchased;

  • Son New Laureaat
  • Daughter New Witbuik
  • A Son and Daughter Special One


Furthermore, there are 4 pigeons from one of the best players concerning the Barcelona race`s in Belgium namely  Frans Bungeneers, including a daughter of the 1st Nat. Barcelona Queen Tonny. These birds have been bread with a lot of blood comming from the loft of the dutch master Cor de Heijde.


Then we contacted Herbots Halle Belgium, where we heavely invested, all with the singel purpose to further strenghten our Bacelona tribe with nothing more than three pigeons off the JAN, 1st National Barcelona 2013. The Barcelona race is recorded in the books as the heavyest Barcelona-race for the last 25 years with 927 meters per minute!

In the short list as shown here you can see from wich linage these youngsters come;


  • 1e Nat. Barcelona Jan x 2e Nat. Barcelona Dream
  • 1e Nat. Barcelona Jan x 1e Int. Barcelona La Primera, Leßmeister
  • 1e Nat. Barcelona Jan x 1e Int. Aurilac Esmè
    1e Nat. Barcelona Jan x 1e Int. Aurilac Esmè










Kweek 2018 proforma stamkaarten geplaatst

25/09/2017 19:04
Vandaag hebben we de proforma stamkaarten geplaatst op onze website, met grote trots kunnen we melden dat onze koppels voor 2018 zijn samen gesteld door niemand minder dan de grote Barcelona specialist uit Belgie, Frans Bungeneers.

Latest Purchase

25/12/2016 13:51
recent purchase 1e Nat. Barcelona Jan 2013 x 1e Internationaal Barcelona 2016 la Primera van Leßmeister
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